This whole process from the point you fill out the order form could take anywhere from 7 to 17 business days. This will depend on the mode of transport you choose to ship your purchased goods to your location. The typical order will flow as follows;

1 You locate the products you wish to purchase. 0
2 You fill out the order form AND THEN you can either;
a. Pay us via this website for the goods and we will order them for you. Or
b. Wire the funds to us and we can order the items for you
3 Every order is subject to approval for logistics purposes. You will receive a confirmation email that your order is been accepted. 01 to 02 days
4 The goods will be shipped to Shop-n-Ship 01 to 05 days
5 Shop- n- Ship will ship the goods to you. Shop-n-Ship  will email you a copy of the Airway Bill with the tracking information. 05 to 07 days
  TOTAL DURATION 07 to 15 days

The earliest you could receive your goods is 7 business days.


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