Shop and Ship is World’s # 1 global Online procurement & sourcing agent. We specialize in the purchasing and handling of goods for behalf of our clients all over the world. We will handle anything and everything from needle to plane like as

  • Electronics

  • Motor vehicles

  • Clothes

  • Agricultural products

  • and lots more.

Our rule of thumb is that if u can order it On-line then we can ship it to you on your behalf. We also handle goods that cannot be found on-line and need to be picked up at a store and require be packaging and shipping. Upon request, we will also research for particular products " Online " or " at a Store " for our customers and deliver solutions on the most economical place to obtain the sought product as well the most economical mode of transporting those products depending on our clients' needs.


We have a great team of specialists with a tremendous amount of expertise in "Product Sourcing" and they are more than eager to offer their skilled services for our clients. We take pride in our client’s satisfaction every step of the way from the point of contact to post transaction. Your experience with Shop-n-Ship will be nothing less than exceptional. We look forward to working with you.


Delivery to more than 240 Countries and territories worldwide.

Review, choose, consolidate, repack and ship your packages in minutes. Just choose a link those you wants to buy from website or company across the world with your complete shipping address & contact no., We will buy for you on your behalf & send to your address, But we will charge some upfront payment from you for your order confirmation. Through our Shop-n-Ship service you have no need to get any virtual address at anywhere.



The cost of shipping goods today has become more expensive than ever, even more so for developing countries that end up paying higher premiums to the major global shipping companies because of the lack of high volumes they otherwise ship to first world countries. Furthermore, following the events of 9/11, The Transportation Security Administration (the USA government body responsible for transportation systems) has made it more difficult to nearly impossible to ship goods on passenger airlines if you are non passenger on the flight.

US Shop-n-Ship has relationships with multiple global carriers which it extends to its clients by allowing them to ship their goods through them at the carrier's established competitive rates. Shop n' Ship therefore ensures that their clients are getting the best available price possible for transporting their Goods.

Our ultimate goal is to save money for our clients that frequently travel to the USA to purchase specific products for personal, retail and commercial use. Shop-n-Ship can help you save significantly on travel and shipping costs by acting as your procurement and logistics agent here in the USA while you relax and spend time on other valuable things knowing that your goods are in the care of professionals that take pride in what they do.


Why do you need a https://www.1shopandship.com address?

A majority of US Retailers will only accept US credit cards and will not ship internationally also International shipping is too slow and very costly. As a shopnship member we will take care of your Purchasing, Package forwarding and Shipping issues. We will consolidate packages saving you money and we give our members great discount prices for shipping as well as delivering your package to your door within 2 to 5 business days.

If you are experiencing U.S. retailers that will not ship overseas then as a https://www.1shopandship.com member you get a real US address which allows you to receive items from any person or U.S. company. https://www.1shopandship.com will ship your packages from your US address to over 240 countries worldwide. As a https://www.1shopandship.com member we will consolidate your packages which will save you on your shipping expenses.

Having purchasing problems with U.S. retailers because they will only accept U.S. credit cards, then our Shopper services is perfect for you. https://www.1shopandship.com accepts all major credit cards, wire transfers, and Echecks.

https://www.1shopandship.com will handle all your international package forwarding and export documents. You will be able to see and manage all of your shipping schedules through our easy “Orders & Tracking” Area.

We are your virtual usa address package forwarding service answer to all your shipping issues.


Through our Shop-n-Ship services you have no need to get any virtual address at anywhere.



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